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Pipes and fittings play a crucial role in the functionality of any plumbing system. Pipes are used to transfer fluids and fittings facilitate the connection between pipes and guarantee a tight and impervious joint. To procure the ideal pipes and fittings in Iran, it is imperative to select a trustworthy wholesaler such as Liqugen that provides top-notch products at competitive rates. This piece will explore a selection of the finest companies specializing in pipes and fittings wholesale, currently thriving in the market.

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Liqugen, Best Pipe and Fittings Wholesale Supplier

Liqugen is a well-known wholesaler in the plumbing and heating industry that specializes in providing a wide range of high-quality products, with a particular focus on pipes and fittings.

Liqugen also stocks valves, pumps, and other essential plumbing components. These products are carefully sourced from reputable all-type pipes and fittings manufacturers from Iran known for their exceptional quality, ensuring that customers receive reliable and durable solutions for their plumbing and heating requirements.

copper pipes and fittings liqugen

Liqugen, as the best supplier of pipes and fittings in Iran places great importance on customer satisfaction and is committed to providing excellent technical support and guidance. Their knowledgeable team is always available to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have, whether it’s about product specifications, installation procedures, or troubleshooting.

To make its offerings more convenient and accessible, Liqugen has developed a comprehensive online store. This user-friendly platform allows customers to easily browse through their extensive product catalog of pipes and fittings in Iran, compare options, and make purchases from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

With just a few clicks, customers can find and order the exact products they need, saving them valuable time and effort.

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Random observation of some pipes and fittings that we can provide for you from Iran!

0.350 $0.680 $
0.090 $0.710 $
2.750 $53.14 $
14.56 $46.59 $
2.061 $
1.687 $3.048 $
5.262 $18.88 $


Bend 67°

0.880 $3.130 $

Pipes and fittings

Pipe Size 200 mm

13.07 $67.12 $
0.068 $

Household Pipe and fittings Products

We can supply all these products for you from Iran with reasonable price and high quality.


Short Bend 87°

1.260 $2.550 $
6.842 $8.406 $
0.689 $9.500 $
2.418 $6.996 $
27.273 $81.411 $


FT Socket

0.539 $29.021 $

Industrial Pipe and fittings Products

We can supply all these products for you from Iran with reasonable price and high quality.

Urban water supply

PE Pipe (PE 100, 12.5 atm)

0.250 $34.89 $
5.800 $69.72 $

Urban water supply

PE Pipe (PE 100, 16 atm)

0.190 $42.13 $

Urban water supply

PE Pipe (PE 80, 6 atm)

0.410 $23.06 $

Urban water supply

PE Pipe (PE 100, 10 atm)

0.320 $28.63 $

Urban water supply

PE Pipe (PE 100, 20 atm)

4.180 $50.68 $

Urban water supply

PE Pipe (PE 80, 10 atm)

0.240 $34.42 $
0.090 $0.710 $

What Pipes and Fittings Are Supplied by Liqugen

Liqugen is a company that specializes in providing pipes and fittings for various sectors:

Agricultural Pipes and Fittings from Liqugen

In the field of agriculture, they offer a range of products such as Polyethylene pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, Drip irrigation pipes, Transition fittings, and Quick coupling valves. These products are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of irrigation systems, ensuring effective water distribution and promoting optimal crop growth.

If you want to know more about the types of these pipes and fittings and the difference between different agricultural pipes, it is not a bad idea to visit the linked article from the website.

buy all type of pipe and fittings in iran
buy all type of pipe and fittings in iran

Household Pipes and Fittings from Liqugen

For household applications, Liqugen offers a diverse selection of pipes and fittings in Iran including PVC pipes, Copper pipes, Galvanized steel pipes, PEX pipes, CPVC pipes, and more. These components are essential for plumbing systems, catering to both residential and commercial buildings. Liqugen prioritizes safety and functionality, ensuring that its pipes and fittings adhere to the highest standards and comply with all necessary regulations.

Industrial Pipes and Fittings from Liqugen

As a popular Iranian pipes and fittings exporter, Liqugen provides pipes and fittings for the industrial sector as well. Their products, including carbon steel pipes, alloy steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, ductile iron pipes, HDPE pipes, PVC-U pipes, PVC-C pipes, FRP pipes, flanged fittings, and welded fittings, are widely utilized in various applications such as manufacturing plants, chemical processing facilities, and power generation plants.

Now that the name of industrial pipes and fittings came up, it is not bad if you intend to buy PPR pipes and fittings from Iran, be sure to visit the linked page.

These high-quality industrial pipes and fittings in Iran are specifically designed to endure extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, and high-pressure conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing any potential downtime.

Best Pipes and Fittings Manufacturers in Iran

Liqugen supplies pipes and fittings from the best pipes and fittings Manufacturers in Iran a few of them are introduced here:

Notice: Dear customer, if you intend to buy pipes and fittings from these companies and want to get a free consultation before buying, find the best market price and receive your pipes and fittings with export and delivery at the place, that’s enough. Be in touch with us.

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sanpipe company instagram
sanpipe company instagram

SanPipe is a reputable company based in Isfahan that specializes in manufacturing polymer pipes and fittings. They have gained a strong global customer base by consistently adhering to the highest production standards.

The company ensures the quality of its products by utilizing advanced laboratory systems and equipment, following European standards such as DIN, DR W, and EA. This company’s pipes and fittings in Iran are made from PP-FR raw materials, following the DIN-19560 German standard. These products are known for their durability and reliability, providing customers with long-lasting solutions.


Darakar Pipe and fittings Company Home Page

Darakar Company, established in 1973 in Isfahan, specializes in the production of rigid PVC pipes and flexible reinforced PVC hoses. The company’s current products range in size from 20 to 250 millimeters. These pipes and fittings are used for various applications such as drainage, sewerage, irrigation, water transport, telecommunication, and electricity.

Moreover, Darakar manufactures flexible PVC hoses ranging in size from 1/4 to 2 inches, catering to gardening and industrial needs. In addition to serving the domestic market, Darakar Company also exports its products to several countries, including Italy, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

Notice: If your country is not on the above list and you intend to buy from this company, don’t worry at all. Liqugen is by your side to buy the products you want in the best way to meet your needs.

Contact Liqugen if you wish to buy pipes and fittings in Iran from Darakar manufacturer.

Pars Ethylene Kish Co

Pars Ethylene Kish Co website home page
Pars Ethylene Kish Co website home page

Pars Ethylene Kish Co. is a prominent manufacturer of polyethylene pipes and fittings in Iran. They specialize in producing polyethylene pipes and joints with diameters ranging from 20 mm to 1000 mm, adhering to the DIN 8074 standard. This company is known as one of the largest producers of such pipes in Iran.

For more information about the DIN 8074 standard, see This standard is an approved standard for quality control and testing of pipes and fittings.

To ensure high-quality production, they source their raw materials from reputable suppliers like Basell, BP Solvay, and Borouge, who are renowned for their polyethylene products.

Pars Ethylene Kish Co. utilizes state-of-the-art German machinery to manufacture their polyethylene pipes. Their advanced technology allows them to meet the demands of gas and combined cycle power plants across Iran, supplying approximately 90% of the market.

To buy pipe and fittings from Iran, specifically from this manufacturer, get in touch with Liqugen company right now for the experts’ consultation.

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Other Suppliers of Pipes and Fittings from Iran

There are numerous pipe fittings suppliers in Iran and Liqugen stands out as the best and most reliable one.

New Era Pipes & Fittings

New Era Pipes & Fittings is a well-established company based in Iran that specializes in supplying and stocking pipe fittings. Their extensive range of pipes and fittings in Iran includes various materials, shapes, dimensions, and standards.

Their dedicated production team ensures that they use only the highest quality raw materials and adhere to the strictest industry standards to meet the diverse needs of their valued customers.

Parsian Pipe Company

Parsian Pipe Company is a leading supplier of pipes and fittings in Iran. Their comprehensive product range includes steel pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, and an assortment of fittings like elbows, tees, and reducers.

high angle still life arrangement pvc

Behineh Trading Company

Behineh Trading Company is another prominent supplier of pipes and fittings. They specialize in providing high-quality products, including seamless pipes, welded pipes, and a diverse range of fittings such as flanges, valves, and connectors.

Iran Pipe Market

Iran Pipe Market is one more trusted supplier of pipes and fittings in Iran, catering to various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, and construction. Their extensive product range includes polyethylene pipes, ductile iron pipes, and various types of fittings.

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How to Buy Pipes and Fittings from Iran?

Iran is a leading country in terms of producing and manufacturing high-quality pipes and fittings that cater to all needs and requirements. Different sectors such as industry, agriculture, household, and more rely on these tools with various dimensions and shapes to function as they should.

In other words, industries won’t run, farms and fields won’t yield properly, and residential and commercial buildings won’t be convenient for living without pipes and fittings!

Iranian Pipe and fittings - buy from us!
Iranian Pipe and fittings – buy from us!

But as a property owner  or project manager, you need to get pipes and fittings in Iran from reliable wholesale suppliers and Liqugen is considered the best of them. To buy these tools in bulk, contact Liqugen via their valid phone number and get a free consultation from the company experts.

They will give you a full guide to purchase exactly the pipes and fittings you need for your project as well as other practical information about the price, installation process, shipping, and more.

You can confirm your purchase by paying 50% of the agreed-upon price and paying the rest before the delivery.

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Conclusion and End

Liqugen emerged as the leading wholesaler from Iran for purchasing pipes and fittings. They excel in the market by offering a wide array of top-quality pipes and fittings in Iran obtained from reputable manufacturers. Liqugen ensures that customers receive dependable and long-lasting solutions for their plumbing and heating needs.

Liqugen caters to various requirements, be it for agricultural, household, or industrial purposes, by providing an extensive range of pipes and fittings. Customers can have confidence in procuring superior products from a reliable and reputable supplier By opting for Liqugen company.

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Sale Manager: Mr Hassan Hashemi 
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